Thursday, June 30, 2005

2 Month Check Up and...

the terrible terrible vaccinations.

Terrible for both Nell and us. Both D and I had a hard time keeping from crying right along with her. It seems she's weathered them ok so far (except for the initial jab). Poor Babe.

In terms of milestones, Ms. Nell now weighs in at 12.5 lbs and is 24 inches long. Wow, she's growing so quickly!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Some Things

I go back to work in a week. I'm already sad.

Daytime telvision is atrocious.

Middle of the night television is not much better....the only channel I can usually stand is discovery health, with closed picture me breastfeeding while watching "Trauma: Live in the ER."

It is stinking hot here. Nell has a heat rash on her face, poor mite.

She slept for a five hour stretch last night. It was miraculous.

I expect when I get back to work I'll be posting here much more often.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Isn't she just gorgeous?

My dear friend Allison got hitched this past weekend. From all accounts, it was the most perfect of days!

We so wish we could have shared the day with her.

Monday, June 13, 2005


My grandfather died this morning.

We are very sad.

He was a brilliant and gentle man. The world is a lesser place with him gone.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Boobs Boobs Boobs

Quick, while the chook sleeps...

My life, currently, revolves around all things boobs. If Nell isn't chowing down, then I'm pumping, if I'm doing neither, I'm madly trying to fit other stuff in (you know like brushing my teeth) before the next feed/pump. I'm not doing so well with getting the pumping in, and am already paranoid that I won't have a stash up for when I go back to work (in three short weeks, sob.)

On the upside, feeding isn't as excruciating as it used to be. Nell and I are getti ng the hang of it. On the downside, did you know mastitis KILLS. I mean, it hurts like a mofo. Especially when you are feeding through it as you should. Sheesh.

This morning we are braving walmart. Ugh. I'm dreading already. We are going to try to get there before the weekend hordes.

Also, we broke down and bought pool passes. Did you know we had to buy one for Nell? Even though she won't be actually getting in the water this year? And they took a photo of her for her PHOTO ID? No shit. She looks like a hobbit in a car seat on her ID>

Speaking of pictures, you know that you can see pictures of Ms. Gorgeousness hereself here: right?

Sadly, my grandfather is still alive...barely. I've been having a huge debate with myself about going to see him in his very very decrepit state. I've decided not to. He's no longer coherent, and the last time I saw him, though he was very very ill..he was at least still there mentally. I don't think I can bear to see him so deteriorated and with his brilliant mind gone. I hope I don't regret this decision later.

Ok, chirping commencing.

Friday, June 03, 2005

1 Month Old!

Can you believe my baby girl is one month old today? I can't believe it.

I spent a long time looking at her napping today, and, god, she's beautiful. Seriously, how did I get so lucky. It's like the one thing in my life I feel like I've done "right."

Seh and I have spent the majority of the last two days alone together, as her dad has been next door helping our neighbour put up new siding on his house.

I can't get enough of her really. Every single sigh, cry, snort, snuffle, fart, burp, squeak fills me with an overwhelming feeling of almost frantic love.

She has grown so much in the last month. And so have I.

Some things that I ust think are the ultimate in cuteness:
The way she will randomly forget to swallow/breathe properly and end up dramatically squeaking like a squeaky wheel.
How she chirps when she's really mad. Like a baby crocodile.
How she loves sitting with her dad in the mornings outside, looking at the trees and cooing and mubling and waving her arms about.
How sometimes, in the middle of a feed, she will get really annoyed/frustrated and grunt and groan and flail her arm about either hitting herself in the face/head or hitting me in the boob.
How she loves to touch her own face, like in all her ultrasound shots.
Her feets and hands.
The way she makes me feel like I'm a better person for being her mum.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A milestone (or two)

Milestone for me:
I am now using mint flavoured toothpaste again. This is something I couldn't tolerate my entire pregnancy. It is like the one last vestige of pregnancy gone (I mean besides the permanent side effects like stretch marks and Nell).

Nell is growing like a weed. She is starting to look like a little person. So cute. She is really smiling a lot now, and is being more awake/alert for longer. I went with her to an infant massage class earlier this week, she didn't make it through the class...but it was neat to do an activity with her.

Uh oh, I hear princess chirping. More later!