Sunday, July 17, 2005

Trite but True

Oh, I had heaps of time before...HEAPS AND did I spend all those countless hours?

I have no spare time now. I fit things in around other things. But, I'm happy. Harried but happy.

This friday we have a houseguest arrive. I wonder how he'll cope with the crazy baby-centric life we suddenly live?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


At work that is. Half-days for the next couple of weeks, and then full time.


Working two jobs is very tiring.

I thought we'd turned a corner last week (Nell and I) when she slept for five hour stretches two nights in a row. But no, now she's back to her three hour schedule. And I'm without my morning nap to cope with it.

I'm very very tired.

But, it won't be for long. Already she's growing so quickly (she outgrew her bassinet) that I know she'll be a little grown up before I know it, and I'll long for these baby days and those very intimate moments that she and I share in the middle of the night.