Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What I wanted to tell you

I wanted to tell you all about my 16 week (+!!!) baby girl. In these short months she's really become not only her own little person, but has totally won over our hearts. I never knew I could love someone so much.

I wanted to tell you that she now catches her feets with ease. I wanted to tell you that her hairs are starting to come in, and she's just adorable with her little baby crew cut. I wanted to tell you that SHE WANTS TO SIT UP ALL THE TIME! NO LAYING DOWN! I wanted to tell you how she laughs and giggles and coos, and is starting to hold out her arms to you to be picked up/held.

I wanted you to know that we are just certain she's the most clever, charming and gorgeous baby ever.

Instead, right now, I'm so heartbroken for the people that have been devestated by Katrina. Here at work we are pretty frantic about getting power back up, but not only that, so many here are from NOLA or have family from not only NOLA but also Mississippi, and Alabama. So many have family here, camped out in their homes indefinitely, and even more people have not been able to reach family members. We've got lots of coworkers from corporate (which is basically across the street from the superdome) who are wandering the halls looking a little lost and knowing that they've lost their homes.

I urge you to reach out in any way you can and help out where you can. This is going to be a long hard haul.

My heart breaks a little when I look at my little girl, and my family and know it could have been us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stockholm Syndrome

You know, I like to jokingly call Nell the littllest terrorist...and that I suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

She likes to butter me up before really hitting me with the one-two punch.

For example:
Both saturday and sunday nights she went down for the evening at 8 pm, I snuck in for a dream feed around 10, and then...SLEEP GLORIOUS SLEEP...until 5 am. It was heaven. I was just over the moon.

Then? For the past two nights.....down at 8...dream feed at 10...first wake up at 1:30, and then every two hours/one hour after that. Mostly it is just that she's rolled over to her back (which infuriates her) and she needs to be put back on her side and her dummy replaced. But is exhausting.

It will get better. It will get better. It has to...or I will have a mental breakdown.

Other than the sleeping, we are currently on a poop watch at our house. Two days so far and no poop. We are scared for the inevitable poop explosion which is threatening our house.


Other than that?

She's still just the most gorge baby ever. She is now reaching for things with increased confidence, and is a gargley chatty cathy most of the day. She'd like to sit up (on her own) thank you very much...but unfortunately for her, her lack of balance and jelly spine keep letting her down... literally.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok, so that was fun

We're back on track, sorta. I mean, our houseguest is gone (we were all sad, even the dogs moped), and now we are back to our normal more boring lives.

Nell has a new painful development...that is, she gets distracted while eating, whips her head around to see exciting things (oooh! television! Ahhh! Dad walking by!) but forgets to take my nipple out of her mouth. Youch.

Other than that, I know we shoudl be waiting another two weeks to even think of introducing solids, but she's just so keen. She has been for weeks. So D and I ever now and again give her a taste of something on our finger tip. Also, she's been taking baby acidophilus for weeks. Well, we had to very ripe and fragrant nectarines sitting in our fruit bowl and food mill that hadn't been used for a while...and so I quickly whipped up some nectarine puree. Little miss got a spoonful or so and she was thrilled with it.

I froze the rest into tiny nectarine ice cubes, and when she starts to eat solids in earnest, she can enjoy more then.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


That sums up the spare time I have. ZERO.

Add one super cute baby + insanely busy work + cherished friend visiting = NO TIME LEFTOVER FOR ANYTHING!!!!

So a quck run down on my baby girl, who is 12 weeks as of last friday...can you believe that?

She's still such a silly goose. She is reaching for stuff, giggling like mad, and WANTS TO SIT UP RIGHT NOW ALL THE TIME (too bad her spine is still like a strand of cooked spaghetti).

She loves having a bath at night, and will go down for her bedtime easily around 8 - 8:30. Unfortunately for me, she still wakes up at 2 am thinking she's starving. Then is back up around 5:30 -6.

Apparently she's usually a good girl for her Daddy during the day, going down easily for naps etc.

She's such a goose...she talks all the time, loves to "see" stories on the computer, likes being read to, and in general just likes to be social.

I wish I could write more, but I have approximately 2 minutes to get a cup of coffee and go to the bathroom before my first morning meeting.

I update pictures regularly...and those tell more about our day to day adventures than anything else right now.