Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sigh of Relief

Well, it seems we were truly spared. Rita roared her way onshore just east of Port Arthur/ put us far enough away to mimize the impact (vs. what we were expecting for so many days.)

There were some spooky/gusty/windy moments there, but we seem to have escaped unscathed. We never even lost power! (a minor miracle as all around us cities/neighborhoods seem to have suffered interruption to power.) Inspection this mornin revealed that we even were spared any felled trees. A couple streets over they had a couple big ones down, but conveniently these trees fell into the street, instead of on to houses.

My family in Houston and north of here made it throug ok, though my mother (north of here) has no power and her next door neighbour has a tree in their bedroom.

We had a bit of a restless night. Nell has not felt the best for a couple days, so she was already restless. The rest of us were a bit too anxious to sleep soundly, though I slept in fits and starts. D stayed up most of the night, and at one point I woke up to hear him and his parents cheering on their respective team in the aussie rules grand final (a minor bonus to rita's sparing us, they were able to watch the grand final after all.)

We've started putting things back where they belong (we'd made strategic sheltering areas in two different areas in the house), and overall, unwinding from what was such a stressy lead up.

You couldn't help but be caught up in the anxiety when you went to buy supplies (shelves stripped bare, gasoline pumps shut/empty), and I can't help but feel we just got very very lucky in this.

My heart breaks for those severly impacted, and in particular for much more can one state take?

Thanks for all your good wishes.

Our only crisis now is that the fellows have run out of beer, so recon missions have set out to try to find an open shop.

I'm counting our lucky stars.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Along comes Rita

Well, here we are ...prepping ourselves for Rita.

But before we get to that in-laws are here from Australia. Oh how I love them. It has made me a bit moody/morose thinking about how badly we want to move back, and how that seems like such a financial impossibility for now.

Meanwhile, Rita is bearing down on the Texas coast, so we are taking some precautions. We've decided that we won't evacuate as we really aren't in danger of a direct impact. We do expect high winds/heavy rain. My main worry is losing is still stinking hot here and I worry for Nell about living with no AC.

People here are going a bit nutsy. All our grocery stores have been stripped of water and snack products. No bread left either. Strangely, milk is also a very scarce commodity. I don't know what people expect to do with milk if the power goes?

So, hopefully we'll all make it out relatively unscathed. Let's cross our fingers for no tornados and that the roof stays on our house (and that the windows don't break, and that the power is not out for long.)