Sunday, February 19, 2006


I officially give up trying to keep up on this blog. I can't access it from my work computer, and I don't ever get on any other computer (if I can help it, doing our taxes this weekend notwithstanding).

Speaking of standing, NEll is, she's so close to walking. Where did my baby go? In a couple short months she'll have been here a year.

She's still such a darling.

Her first word: Duckie!

So much happening.

I do post pictures here: very often, and will start writing little narratives with them as time allows to substitute for this little place.

I still read lots of blogs, and especially love to keep up with those babies that arrived at the same time that Nell did.

An aside, my job? I love it. It is crazy busy. My days are VERY LONG, but it is workign out really well for our family. I've been promised a promotion sometime in July/August if I can keep my current performance up. This will not only be a feather in my cap, but a boon to our family now and in the future (having that title on my resume makes a HUGE difference in salary levels for future jobs).

Ok, please let me know how you are doing. Visit us at flickr.